Special Session Legislative Agenda

The Texas 87th Regular Legislative Session was a huge success as we saw the passing of two pieces of TFVC Priority Legislation – one providing protections for families in complicated medical situations and another protecting Texas consumers from vaccine passports – but there is more work to be done! We at Texans for Vaccine Choice are excited with the opportunities presented by the calling of a Special Legislative Session.

Stopping Biden’s vaccine mandate by banning employer vaccine mandates, ending discrimination, social mandates, and student Covid vaccine mandates, and restoring Texans‘ confidence in health agencies by protecting informed consent are all essential to restoring medical freedom in our state. vaccine mandates, ending student Covid vaccine mandates, and restoring free speech by ending online censorship of vaccine science, safety, and injury are all essential to restoring medical freedom in our state. We call on our elected officials to take swift action on each of these issues by adding informed consent, medical privacy, and vaccine choice to the Special Legislative Session agenda.

Texas Republicans have already filed bills to protect and advance our medical freedoms, and we stand ready to activate all resources at our disposal to support these pieces of legislation. We will work tirelessly to ensure the protections mentioned above that Texans so desperately desire may be passed into law.

Texans for Vaccine Choice Special Session Agenda

  • Stop Biden’s vaccine mandate with legislation that would end employer vaccine mandates
  • Stop discrimination & social mandates with legislation that would prohibit vaccination status discrimination.
  • Restore equal access to all levels of education by ending Covid vaccine mandates for students.
  • Restore Texans’ confidence in health regulatory agencies by establishing an independent board to oversee vaccine safety in our state.
  • Protect and advance informed consent with legislation to ban coercive vaccine propaganda campaigns.

In addition to our regular legislative staffing duties, our boots-on-the-ground advocacy will include weekly informational canvassing at the capitol by TFVC families and clear, concise Action Alerts as needed that can be completed from home.

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Special Session III Bill Lists

Bills We Support

HB 39 (Noble) Relating to prohibited vaccination status discrimination and requirements for COVID-19 vaccines.

HB 18 (Toth) Relating to protecting the medical freedom and bodily autonomy of employees with respect to immunization or vaccination status.

SB 11 (Hall) Relating to prohibited vaccination status discrimination and requirements for certain vaccination policies.

SB 12 (Hall) Relating to workers’ compensation benefits for injuries caused by employer-required COVID-19 vaccines and payment of those benefits.

SB 13 (Hall) Relating to COVID-19 vaccine mandates and the application of COVID-19 vaccine exemptions to certain employees.

SB 14 (Hall) Relating to prohibiting COVID-19 vaccine mandates by a governmental entity.

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