For months, parents from across the state have been working in tandem with the State Board of Education (SBOE) to address concerns that the proposed vaccine-related TEKS may violate informed consent, parental rights, and vaccine choice. These parents and the Board have been committed to helping shape the TEKS with language that reflects current Texas law which allows parents to opt out of vaccines for school enrollment.

After Tuesday’s hearing and several positive exchanges with SBOE members, TFVC was feeling very confident that the Board would do the right thing.

In a stunning reversal at Wednesday night’s discussion, SBOE Member Pat Hardy, District 11, stated that “the medical community has really spoken very strongly for leaving it just as it is currently.”

This interference by the medical establishment into what was a productive relationship between parents & the Board is another example of the industry waging war on families.

You have one last opportunity to fight back and let the SBOE know that they represent families, NOT THE MEDICAL INDUSTRY.

Please email all the SBOE Members with your one last appeal that they adopt our reasonable language regarding the vaccine TEKS. Below are the details for you to copy and paste into your email client. Feel free to personalize the message, then sign, and send!



SUBJECT: Adopt the REASONABLE language on the vaccine TEKS


As a Texas citizen and parent of a child enrolled in school in Texas, I am sad that the Board chose not to adopt amendments on the vaccine TEKS and disappointed that the justification of this decision was to appease the medical community.

After months of the SBOE working with parents on reasonable amendments, ultimately the Board chose to give priority to a few voices from the medical establishment over those of the parents whose children would be marginalized by the current proposed language. I would like to remind you that the SBOE exists to benefit schools, and schools exist to benefit students. None exists to benefit the medical establishment.

I would like to make one last appeal for adoption of this values-neutral language:

Thank you for your consideration.

Whether it’s taking on ISDs, shaping party platforms, or assisting professionals in the workplace, TFVC is on the front lines of protecting your rights to informed consent, medical privacy, and vaccine choice.

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