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Action Alert

Protect Texans’ Right to Work

Two Steps You Can Take TODAY: 1. Sign the petition below to protect Texans’ right to work by ending employer…

July 26, 2021
Action Alert

Action Alert: Bill Author Blitz!

Ask your State Rep and State Senator to sign on to TFVC’s Priority Bills! This week, TFVC has mounted an…

March 24, 2021
Action Alert

Action Alert: HB 3

HB 3 is scheduled to be heard in the State Affairs Committee March 11. This bill grants sweeping pandemic emergency…

March 10, 2021
Action Alert

87th Session Committee Hearing Alerts

Testifying in committee hearings can seem overwhelming and intimidating, but TFVC is here to help you navigate the process. On…

March 6, 2021
Action Alert

Contact the Attorney General TODAY!

Last summer, Texans For Vaccine Choice raised the alarm that Texas’ vaccine exemption laws could be undermined by school districts…

January 26, 2021
Action Alert

ACTION ALERT! Exemptions Under Threat!

If you’ve been following, you know that Texans for Vaccine Choice took action months ago in anticipation that school districts…

August 20, 2020