We Would Like to Apologize

Tears roll down my face as I read yet another story on Facebook about a once healthy child clinging to life because of a vaccine injury. My heart is broken! Yet, after I solemnly pray for that dear child, I scroll down to another post and see this:

My friend’s post read: “Not vaccinating your kids leave them vulnerable. Are you prepared to say ‘I’m sorry’ when they get a vaccine preventable disease?”

My heart sank. Don’t they know: WE DID vaccinate our children?! And, they have paid a HORRIBLE price as a result of our choice to do so.

So, yes, I HAVE said, “I’m sorry.” A thousand times, I have apologized to my son for ruining his health at age sixteen because I trusted the medical community about the “complete safety” of vaccines. I know many other parents with similar stories. Some have even buried their children.

In July of  2011, my healthy 16 year old received the Varicella, MCV4, and the TDaP vaccines. Two days later he began showing  the troubling & life-threatening symptoms of Guillian-Barre Syndrome. He was diagnosed with heavy metal toxicity & adrenal failure among other things.

The comments on the Facebook post I mentioned above were ruthless, cold, and profoundly arrogant, all while dismissing the comments of grieving parents whose children’s lives were devastated by vaccine injury.

Who could be so heartless with disregard and void of basic human compassion? As a pastor’s wife, I have a few things to say: As a society, we have failed. More importantly, those of us who are Christians have failed.

First, we have failed at acknowledging some of the ethical concerns behind vaccines. There are many, many issues I could explore here, but I will bring up just one for now: no less than 80 abortions were performed for the Rubella vaccine alone (see pp. 447-448 of linked source). Where are our morals?! Have we, as believers, been so blinded by “science” that our moral compass has been compromised?

Secondly, we have failed as human beings. Where is our basic compassion? These families did their due diligence of adhering to the most bloated childhood vaccination schedule among the world’s developed countries, yet these children are simply considered collateral damage? Where are all the congratulatory “atta boys”?

I mean, we “took one for the team,” right? Where are our “thank you” or “I’m sorry” notes?

There are none. Instead, we are met with ridicule, skepticism, and yes, even death threats solely because we choose to no longer vaccinate.

Where is the justice in this? Where is the compassion? Is this the way we treat families who have been through grueling circumstances? Is this how we honor the individuals who have literally given their lives up in the name of “herd immunity?”

Since we’re on the topic of apologies, Texans For Vaccine Choice would personally like to apologize:

We’re sorry your children have been injured.
We’re sorry you had to bury your child.
We’re sorry you are now shamed & abused when you decide to forgo all vaccines because you deem them unsafe.
We’re sorry your families are now falling apart.
We’re sorry you now face financial devastation because of vaccine injury.
We’re sorry for all the single parents now raising your disabled child/children on your own because your marriage could not withstand the emotional toll vaccine injury takes.
We’re sorry you are belittled and demoralized because you speak out about the dangers of vaccines that you have witnessed firsthand.
We’re sorry for the uncertainty of what tomorrow, next year, next decade hold for your child and the lack of resources to care for them now and in the future.

Society may have failed you, but we here at TFVC give you this promise:
We will work harder than anyone. We will go anywhere and do whatever it takes to protect and advance informed consent, medical privacy, and vaccine choice. Our children are worth it!!

To my fellow pastors, pastor’s wives, and fellow Believers: let’s be the leaders God has called us to be, seeking truth and compassion above all. (John 8:32, 1 Cor. 13:13)

In Truth,

Star Stevens

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