Two Texas House Democrats working in tandem with industry lobbyists used a procedural move to remove our CRITICAL amendments to BAN vaccine passport and employee mandates from House Bill 4272. Due to their efforts, these critical protections are now under threat!

FIRST: Call Representatives Zwiener and Howard and demand they stop sabotaging the efforts of medical freedom advocates fighting for the rights of Texans and to support Senate Amendments in HB 4272 to BAN vaccine passports and employee vaccine mandates. 

Representative Zwiener: (512) 463-0647
Representative Donna Howard: (512) 463-0631

NEXT: Call the following legislators and ask them to support a BAN on vaccine passports and employee mandates by CALLING FOR A VOTE with the strongest language possible USING THE SENATE AMENDMENTS ON HB 4272. 

Senator Blanco 512-463-0129
Senator Perry 512-463-0128
Senator Hall 512-463-0102
Senator Hughes 512-463-0101
Representative Jetton 512-463-0710
Lt. Governor Dan Patrick 512-463-0001
Speaker of the House Dade Phelan 512-463-1000