Save Texas Action Plan

With the medical freedom battle heating up across the nation, Texans for Vaccine Choice brings you four ways you can act TODAY to defend your family, your community, and your rights while protecting and advancing informed consent, medical privacy, and vaccine choice.

*Obtain medical ID bracelets. (Ready access to vaccine allergies are imperative in times of emergency)
*Be mindful of what you post online. (Even with the strictest privacy settings, highly personal posts or posts with your children are not advised since these images have been used against parents in court.)
*Have a CPS Action Plan.
1. Yearly visits with an MD / DO (a paper trail of consistent medical care could be helpful)
2. Membership in an organization that provides CPS legal representation (For homeschoolers, TFVC recommends Heritage Defense and THSC.)
3. Know your rights if CPS knocks:
– Stay calm. Be polite. No not volunteer any info. Do not sign anything.
– If they do not have a warrant, do not let them into your home. Say, “I know you are looking out for the best interest of my children. If you’ll give me your business card, I will call you within 48 hours.”
– After they leave, call your family lawyer, your CPS legal rep, or Krista McIntire with Family Rights Advocacy: 817-715-7022.

*Host a TFVC Membership Drive.
– Offer prizes
– Host a giveaway
– Stage a contest
*Help us overcome social media censorship.
– Set your alarm clock every day to interact with TFVC on all of our social media platforms.
– Like, comment, and share!
*Join All Social
– Censorship-free social media platform
– Set up your account and follow TFVC!
*Check your e-mail!!
– Newsletters, action alerts, event invitations, volunteer opportunities, and more!

*Hold your state representative and senator accountable.
– Find them here.
– Save their phone numbers/emails and follow them on social media.
– Show up at their events so they get to know you.
– Send them a handwritten letter on why vaccine choice is important to you.
*Contact Gov. Abbott asking for a special session.
*Contact Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick asking for an interim hearing on informed consent and vaccine safety.
*Attend your party’s state convention.
– Republican Party of Texas: 5/11-5/13 in Houston
– Texas Democratic Party: 6/4-6/6 in San Antonio
– More info coming as it is released

*Find your role – there is a job for everyone!
– What are your talents & how can you use them to stand with TFVC?
– New to all of this? We will give you the training and support you need!
– Fill out our volunteer form HERE.
*One conversation at a time!
– Sport your TFVC swag (shirts, hats, key chains and more available in the TFVC store).
– Order Parents Call the Shots cards and TFVC Push Cards and carry them in your purse or briefcase (also in the store).
– Be the calm, friendly voice of vaccine choice everywhere you go!
*Participate in Community Canvas Days.
– We supply the materials, you supply the man-power! Watch your email for details coming soon!
*Sign up to be a recurring donor!
– No amount is too small
– TFVC is powered by YOU!


Never fear! In the coming weeks, TFVC will bring you in-depth information on EACH of the action items listed above.

Download your printable copy of the TFVC Save Texas Action Plan HERE.

And get ready to mark your calendars for our Educational Forum & Training coming up in 2020 in Austin. More info soon!

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