Republican Party Health Check

See end of article for an UPDATE regarding the new mask mandate.

There came the point in my life where I was at a crossroads. The circumstances in which I found myself weren’t ideal. I had to come to the realization that my life was in my own hands, and no amount of unfortunate circumstances was going to stop me from achieving the best outcomes possible for myself and my family. From the moment I accepted that my fate was my personal responsibility, the road has not been an easy one. Financial, health, and logistical obstacles can make each day feel like I am dangling off a cliff with an axe in each hand, fighting upward towards the top. Some days it’s all I can do to keep from falling off while on others, I make it a little farther up the ledge.

I am a special needs parent. The daily struggle upward is what we do. This underdog experience has grown a determined spirit that has landed me in a place I often joke is the least unlikely place I ever thought I would find myself: in the political party that believes in limited government and personal responsibility. It seems to make sense now, but years ago, that was not the case.

As a young progressive “crunchy” mama, I honestly thought I was on to something novel with my hippie, essential oil, organic diet ways, but when I attended my first conservative homeschool convention I was incredibly surprised by the number of families there that shared my understanding of the importance of nutrition, immune function, and also held a healthy skepticism of cures in a bottle. And though these families make up a large portion of the conservative party, in the middle of this worldwide pandemic, I see very few of these people willing to speak out about these important fundamentals of health they use to keep themselves well.

Not only is no one speaking out, but we have allowed the “party of science” to hijack the conversation of health to fit into their political ideology, which states that government agencies and medical experts are the only ones qualified to have a voice in health as regular lay-people simply aren’t educated enough to make decisions regarding their own physical well-being. To be fair, it’s not JUST the silence of those on the right. I know many left-leaning, Bernie-loving people who thrive on their local farm-raised food and wouldn’t touch a vaccine with a ten-foot pole who also don’t dare cross the line of interfering with their political party’s messaging on health and wellness.

I get it. When it comes to politics, messaging matters. Voter persuasion matters. For a political party to win, you have to be able to influence the largest amount of people.

But I am here to tell you, principal matters more than any platform.
People matter more than any election.
Your health matters.

I wholeheartedly believe medical freedom is a non-partisan issue, and I refuse to allow the party of personal responsibility to be sucked down the drain in the name of politically correct narratives.

We do a disservice to our communities, our state, and our nation when we ignore the elephant in the room: we are not a healthy nation- spiritually, mentally, emotionally OR physically! We choose fear over facts and refuse to acknowledge the flaws in our sacred medical community. As a parent of a complex care child, I have years of experience watching the most advanced healthcare systems in the world repeatedly fail at the most basics in standards of care, proving again that more technology and money can’t replace our most basic God-given, instincts of how to care for ourselves. I have witnessed the internal struggle of physicians who know the truth about wellness but need the paycheck or career advancement that may be lost if they chose to speak out. They risk their lives, reputation, and livelihood should they dare buck the system that is supposed to be there to protect their rights and the rights of their patients.

Now, in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, data, facts, and science are entirely contingent on the network outlet reporting them and the virus response varies by the political affiliation of each state. But, can we get back to the basics? Can we forget what the “experts” say? Because let’s be honest, it will change tomorrow. Can we ask the most basic questions of, “What can I do to restore immune health to my body? What can I do to find healing in MY family?” When we are each allowed to answer those questions free from outside interference, then and only then will our neighborhoods become safe, and our communities and states restored.

One of the questions most often asked of me as an advocate is, “How do I become involved in the movement?” And the answer always starts with BE THE CHANGE. Start with yourself and your home. Find health and healing and be vocal about taking full ownership in that area. Take a stand. What does health and wellness mean to you? How much are you willing to put on the line for TRUE well-being?

Are you willing to be laughed at and mocked and publically humiliated? Are you ready to confront your pastor, who isn’t brave enough to stand with you? Will you forgo your child’s prestigious private school or summer day camp? Can you be inconvenienced enough to shop in a different county or give your business to a liberty-loving establishment instead?

The “party of progress” has done a brilliant job belittling the party of personal responsibility for being “science-deniers.” So much so, they have guilted us into compliance and, worse, silence. With their mob rule mentality, they need not follow the rules they create. They get a free pass to make it up as they go along and drag us along with them. Like two year old children, their emotional, illogical temper tantrums are too much for exhausted parents who end up caving to their irrational behavior. We stand by and go along with it, hoping they will mature and see the light one day. All as our rights and liberties get flushed down the toilet, one subtle stepping stone at a time.

While I can not take out an ad and broadcast my message to the world, I can absolutely unapologetically share it with you, fighting back the fear that I might be the next headline or poster child “threat to society.” I refuse to cave to this tyranny.

Health does not come from the government. It doesn’t come from what your neighbor does to protect you. It doesn’t come from the pharmaceutical industry, and it sure as hell does not come from Bill Gates. Health is a personal responsibility. Just about every Republican voter in Texas has a basic respect for that concept, yet our fear of being called a quack or science denier has scared us into the worst submission possible.

Tonight the RPT is taking a vote on how to move forward with the state convention in light of the reported recent spike in COVID cases. The left-leaning Texas Medical Association even put out an official public request for the RPT to cancel the convention altogether, so the pressure is certainly there for party leadership to cave in order to save themselves from the media’s scrutiny. We all know what will happen if they move forward with the convention as planned: there will suddenly be reports of an astronomical spike in cases and the irresponsible Texas Republicans will be to blame. See the scheme they have going here? But what is the big-picture price of acquiescing to these demands? It’s time for conservatives to take a stand. Time to stop being fearful of the negative labels that the “party of tolerance and progressivism” will attach to us. Time to stop fearing being the next headline in the lying media. It’s time to show that we are not so afraid of what others think and say that we refuse to stand for what we know is right.

With Love and Gratitude,

UPDATE: As we were preparing to publish this blog, we received notice of Governor Abbott’s latest order regarding masks and public gatherings. With the limitations outlined in this order, it appears that any discussion on how to proceed in person with the RPT convention may be null and void. This latest decree from Gov. Abbott (or as I call him, King Abbott) drives home my point: the Republican party lacks the fortitude to actually stand up for the values the people elected them to uphold.

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