Residents of a long term care facilities ages 16 and up will be among the first Texans to be offered the Covid-19 vaccine.

We have been assured that the vaccine will remain VOLUNTARY for all residents. If a facility is saying otherwise, you are advised to call Rep. Stephanie Klick’s capitol office at 512-463-0599 and relay to them exactly what the facility is saying.

Likewise, if you are a guardian of a loved one in a facility, you are also advised to send a formal letter outlining your decision about whether or not you wish for your loved one to receive the vaccine and requesting a written acknowledgement of this letter. THIS WILL NOT GUARANTEE your wishes will be followed, but is an extra step you can take for record-keeping purposes. You are also encouraged to seek legal advice on how best to ensure that your wishes are honored.

This is the first time ever that an Emergency Use Authorization has been issued for a brand new vaccine. Please ensure that you are following us across all platforms and reading your member emails to stay informed about the Covid-19 vaccine roll out in Texas.

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