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Contact Tracing Action Alert

Many of our members have reached out to us concerned about the contact tracing program being pushed by Governor Abbott….


Please email all of our Champion Legislators and request that they also seek clarification from Gov. Abbott regarding his stance….

Protect Your Family: How to Implement Action One of the TFVC Save Texas Action Plan

This is our first in a series of FOUR articles highlighting each Action Item from the TFVC Save Texas Action…

Save Texas Action Plan

*Obtain medical ID bracelets. (Ready access to vaccine allergies are imperative in times of emergency)*Be mindful of what you post…

Hope in Hall… Betrayal by Burkett

As the boots on the ground at the capitol during the last legislative session, I was given an “all access”…

Kick the Flu is Back!

Back to School time also means that parents need to be prepared for the Kick the Flu (KTF) campaign to…

85th Legislative Session Freedom Fight

Top Ten Reasons to Support Vaccine Choice

Whether you are following the CDC’s recommended childhood vaccination schedule by getting all of your boosters, following a delayed vaccination…

Action Alert – Sign Up Today!

We Are Ready for the Battle Ahead

Today was the first day to file bills for the 85th Session of the Texas Legislature, and those that oppose…

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