TFVC is sad to report that more Texas colleges are ignoring the legislative intent and historical application of the exclusion statute for students with exemptions. Concordia University and Texas State Technical College are both now refusing enrollment to students using an exemption affidavit for the bacterial meningitis vaccine because of the Covid-19 emergency.

You may recall that Kilgore College attempted the same thing in June. When TFVC brought their misapplication of the law to light, they quickly reversed course after discussions with the state about their exclusion policy.

We are disappointed yet again that institutions of higher learning fail to see the absurdity in denying enrollment of students who have chosen not to get a bacterial meningitis vaccine under the justification that we are experiencing an outbreak of another disease entirely, one for which there is not yet even a vaccine.

This policy makes zero scientific sense. In fact, you won’t find one doctor who will say that college students getting bacterial meningitis vaccines will help stave off Covid-19!

This is another step towards vaccine mandates, and we call on these colleges to STOP forcing medical procedures on their students!


Contact their admissions offices and ask them to honor the historical application of the exclusion statute for students with exemptions!

August 17, 2020 Update:
TFVC is pleased to announce that TSTC has clarified their policy and is accepting exemptions in line with the legislative intent of the law.

Email: Emails are no longer needed. See above update.

Phone: 512-313-4289

Sample Message:

It has come to my attention that you are denying in-person instruction to students claiming an exemption from the bacterial meningitis vaccine. Your justification for this policy is that due to the current Covid-19 outbreak, exemptions are not being honored.

I am confused. Can you explain how it makes sense medically to refuse exemptions for the bacterial meningitis vaccine when the declared emergency is for a different disease entirely? Can you provide me another example of when this statute has been applied in such a manner? I could understand this exclusion policy if your campus were experiencing an outbreak of bacterial meningitis, but I simply do not understand how your policy makes sense scientifically.

Kilgore College attempted to implement this same policy last month. They quickly reversed their policy after their misapplication of the law was brought to light. I hope to see you do the same thing promptly. Your policy forces medical procedures on your students and ignores their reasons of conscience. Thank you.

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