Author: Sunny Polito

The V.I.E. Event: An Illuminating Experience

Their heartache was palpable. I knew that as much as they were already suffering, their pain was continually magnified by the marginalization, denial, and even ridicule society has been taught to heap on to those of us who dare speak out about vaccine injuries and deaths. The injustice of this epidemic and the rate at which it tragically continues to grow take my breath away.

Challenging What You’ve Heard about the Herd

“Herd Immunity” is a concept purported by those vested in the vaccine program to try and increase vaccine uptake nationwide….

2017 Legislative Session – What TFVC Is Proactively Proposing: An Interview with Director of State Policy Rebecca Hardy

As some may remember, Texans for Vaccine Choice started in February, 2015 as a small group of moms chatting on…

Sticks and Stones: The Truth behind Pharma’s “Anti-Vax” Name Calling Tactics

Today the terms ‘Anti-Vaccine,’ ‘Anti-Vax’ and ‘Anti-Vaxxer’ are all commonly used labels in the media when discussing anything related to…

Historic Vaccine Laws Affecting You and Your Rights – Part One: The 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act

My family’s research into vaccine safety began only because it had to. After our perfectly healthy twin sons became severely…

The REAL Reasons Mumps Is Newsworthy

There’s a lot of talk about mumps lately. With several reported outbreaks this year and recent cases turning up in…

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