Below you will find THREE categories of bills: Bills We Support, Bills We Oppose, and Bills We Are Watching. Bills on our watch list could later move to our support or oppose lists depending on any amendments that are made during the legislative process. This page will be updated throughout the legislative session.

You can click on the bill numbers to read the text of the bill.

Bills We Support

HB 567 (Rep. Frank)
SB 190 (Sen. Hughes)
Includes numerous provisions that would protect Texas families from unnecessary trauma in the CPS system

HB 1098 (Rep. Gates)
Updates CPS intake procedures by, among other things, specifying additional information required to be included in a report to CPS,  redirecting anonymous reporting to 911 or a law enforcement agency, creating a duty to record oral reports, requiring non-coerced written consent from the parents to interview the child, and prohibiting touching or disrobing a child or separating the child from his or her parents when conducting an interview

HB 1204 (Rep. Gates)
Updates the procedures and required communications for adding an individual to the central child abuse registry to help ensure due process; establishes valid grounds and procedures for removing an alleged offender from the central child abuse registry

HB 1406 (Rep. Schaefer)
Allows an individual to legally challenge a state or local disaster order, a public health disaster order, or a public control measure order if the individual alleges that the order would cause injury or burden a protected state or federal constitutional right or law

HB 1687 (Rep. Noble)
Prohibits employers, labor organizations, and employment agencies from discriminating against individuals based on C0VID-19 vaccination status.

HB 1872 (Rep. Gates)
Prohibits public and charter schools from requiring students to use or wear C0VID-19 detection devices

Bills We Oppose

HB 325 (Rep. Howard)
SB 468 (Sen. Zaffirini and Sen. Seliger)
Removes current protection for informed consent before information is put into the vaccine registry

HB 495 (Rep. Wu)
SB 139 (Sen. Johnson)
Allows a child-care facility to provide notice of the immunization rates of enrolled children, immunization rates of employed adults (Rep. Wu’s bill only), and the facility’s hand washing policy (Rep. Wu’s bill only)

HB 1221 (Rep. Campos)
Requires long-term care facilities to implement disease control measures, including immunization; does not delineate exemption options

SB 636 (Sen. Seliger)
Requires a biennial report on disease outbreaks, including de-identified immunization exemption information and the reporting of vaccine exemptions at the campus level

HB 1773 (Rep. Cook)
Criminalizes caregivers who are deemed to have sought unnecessary medical treatment for a minor child, disabled individual, or elderly individual, but does not provide any standards for determining what constitutes necessary or unnecessary treatment.

HB 2312 (Rep. Guerra) 
Requires long-term care facilities to track vaccination status of employees and residents and release this information to anyone who requests it

Bills We Are Watching

HB 472 (Rep. White) 
Allows free-standing emergency medical care facilities to administer immunizations

HB 516 (Rep. Beckley)
HB 591 (Rep. Turner of Tarrant)
SB 138 (Sen. Johnson)
Adds bacterial meningitis vaccines to the list of vaccines required for school enrollment; does not remove current exemptions

HB 602 (Rep. Hinojosa)
Establishes a publicly-funded program called the Healthy Texas Program that, among other things, provides free immunizations

HB 677 and HB 678 (Rep. Cortez)
Allows pharmacists to administer immunizations to children three years and older without a doctor’s prescription

HB 797 (Rep. Howard)
SB 816 (Sen. Buckingham)
Allows home and community support services agencies to purchase, store, and administer any FDA-approved vaccine

HB 801 (Rep. Cortez)
Establishes a certification program for assistance animals that requires, among other things, that assistance animals have all necessary vaccinations

SB 239 (Sen. Powell)
Requires the Dept. of State Health Services to implement a disease prevention information system

SB 264 and SJR 17 (Sen. Menéndez)
Establishes TRANSCEND, an organization that would issue bonds and award grants for infectious disease research and strategies, including vaccines. The bill, if passed, takes effect only if the constitutional amendment authorizing up to $3 billion in bonds is approved by voters

HB 1222 (Rep. Campos)
Requires the Department of State Health Services to publish on its website aggregated information regarding disease outbreaks and individual disease cases from reports it is already required to prepare, including probable sources of infection and the date of each death and total number of deaths caused by the disease

HB 1409 (Rep. Guillen)
Requires the state to proportionally distribute immunizations during a health emergency based on several county-specific factors

HB 1747 (Rep. Lozano)
Requires the Covid-19 Expert Allocation Panel to prioritize C0VID-19 vaccines for first responders

HB 2316 (Rep. Turner)
Requires the health department to implement and fund a public campaign to increase awareness of and educate the public about C0VID-19 vaccines