O’ a trolling we will go!

What is it about social media that brings out the pitch fork and torch-wielding desire for some people? There’s a colloquial term for such folk – trolls. No, internet trolls are neither cute with brightly-colored funky hair, nor are they slimy, stinky, grunting creatures with bad teeth that live under a bridge, but they certainly behave more like the latter.

The common MO for trolling is to visit a site that holds an opposite opinion of their own and go out on the attack, verbally berating commenters simply for being different. They like to sling mud, call names, and make wildly inaccurate assumptions, but rarely do they ever bring any substance to the fight. Perhaps they are ill-equipped for a proper debate of the minds. Perhaps they are hurting and only know to lash out at others instead of turning to inner reflections.

Recently, a group of trolls have taken it a step further; indeed a step too far. Plucking out individuals who “like” or leave positive reviews on our page, sniffing through their personal profiles, and then leaving baseless negative reviews on their business pages are the actions of bored cowards. Have they nothing better to do with their lives than to spend that kind of time and energy attempting to harm complete strangers and slander companies that they have NEVER done business with?

Here are a FEW slimey representatives:

To the trolls that are surely reading this now, I say to you, step up your game. Educate and inform yourself. Do the legwork, researching as we have. If you want to have a dog in this fight, teach him to read. You won’t get anywhere or accomplish anything behaving like juvenile keyboard warriors with delusions of grandeur.

To my fellow TFVC supporters, stand strong! Remember that iron is forged in fire and these nips at our ankles only makes us faster. Can I count on you all to rally together in a show of solidarity? Let’s change our profile pictures for one week to the “Don’t Mess with TFVC” logo. Individually, our voices are smart, passionate and thought-provoking, but together we INSPIRE, ENCOURAGE and ACCOMPLISH change!

Written by Kelly Vella, a woman you would never want to mess with and a warrior for Vaccine Choice freedom in Texas.

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