Extra Credit for Everyone! Except You.

Calm your nerves, Jackie.

Deep Breath.

Here we go again. Pound, pound, pound. Yes, the sound of me typing aggressively… errr… passionately maybe?

Another day, another outrage. You know, most days even the most egregious atrocities against our movement don’t phase me anymore. Sad, but true.

Bullying? Meh.

Slander? Meh.

Lies about our movement? Like I said, just another day.

As I mentioned in my last blog, the truth is an unstoppable train. That doesn’t mean, however, that the opposition isn’t going to fight like hell to stop it. A lot is at stake here — an entire industry.

An industry dependant on YOU.

To be their customer.

For Life.

Think about that.

A few weeks ago, I was speaking with a young college student. Oh, to be young with a lifetime of opportunity ahead of you! However, this particular college student wasn’t feeling very optimistic about her life. We chatted and (perplexed by her somewhat sour attitude) I asked, “Well, what is your college major? Surely that is exciting!” The look of disappointment on her face only deepened. “Well, what I want to do, I can’t,” she said. “It’s just not responsible. So, I am taking my family’s advice. Rather than follow my passion, I am following stability, job security, and high pay. I’m going to pursue a career in the ONLY industry that has any future in America: I am going to be a pharmacist.”

Sigh. It was difficult for me to hide my frustration. As someone who is only motivated by my passion in life, it was hard for me to wrap my brain around doing anything other than what makes me jump out of bed every morning.

However, this conversation was heartbreaking for reasons beyond the issue of living life with purpose and passion. It was a huge reminder of the monster we are up against: the pharmaceutical industry.

An industry which is completely reliant on YOU the consumer. What’s worse, in order to completely fulfill their mission — to market to the masses, to ensure full profitability for their products — it’s not enough to just have us. They must have our children for LIFE.

From womb to grave, your life has a value. A MONETARY value. In order to extract every single ounce of profitability, the only solution is to target children NOW. To normalize the agenda while they are young so they don’t question later because it’s all they have ever known.

Which leads me to this:

An awful, heartbreaking e-mail exchange. One of many we have recently had with concerned parents whose children have fallen victim to this very targeted plan to normalize medical procedures — including vaccinations — without any regard to informed consent, medical privacy, or vaccine choice.

In this particular e-mail, it was revealed that a teacher, despite being aware of this child’s medical exemption, offers the only extra credit of the semester to all students who receive a flu vaccine.

So many different directions I could go here. So many problems with this situation.

Let’s start by pointing out potential questions one SHOULD ASK:

1) Is this coercion?
2) Who is responsible should this child suffer a reaction?
3) Is this a violation of medical privacy? (Is it ANY of the teacher’s business in which medical procedures the members of her class have participated?)

And last, but certainly not least, my ultimate concern: our children.

Our brilliant, innocent children who can’t even step foot in their schools anymore without being inundated with a political and pharmaceutical agenda. An environment that no longer solely teaches reading, writing, and arithmetic, but has instead become a war zone for our children’s minds.

As I type this, I hear my team shouting at me to stay focused. We are, after all, Texans for Vaccine Choice — not Texans for School Reform or Texans for Agenda-Free Education — but at some point, you just have to call out the elephant in the room.

So, here I go…

Would it be acceptable for this same teacher to offer extra credit for students who attend church on Sunday? I mean, you know church is good for your soul, right?

Unless you are an atheist, of course.

Would patronizing a steakhouse for dinner be a good exercise for extra credit? Delicious!

Unless you are vegan.

How about extra credit for showing off a new haircut or color to the class?
Sounds fun!

Unless you are a Muslim girl who wears a hijab.

But we would never trample on THOSE fundamental personal liberties, right? We are Americans! We respect your right to worship as you see fit, eat how you choose, and follow your own personal convictions.

But choose your medical procedure? Gasp! The nerve!

Decline vaccination without consequence, including coercion at the hands of teachers and our education system? Now you are really becoming a boundary pusher.

Again, I am not sure why I am so surprised. It’s blatantly clear that pro-vaccine choice parents are one of the last acceptable groups in society that the public is free to bully, harass, mock, and coerce. As if it weren’t awful enough to have this happen at the hands of our pediatricians, they have now given a full pass to your children’s teachers to do the same.

Let me remind you, we are fighting a war on *principle*. This all-out attack to normalize a one-size-fits-all approach that does not question science is a danger to society, plain and simple.

Parents — whether you decide to give your child a flu shot or not — YOU (not your child’s doctor and certainly not your child’s teacher) CALL THE SHOTS.

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