Contact Tracing Action Alert

Many of our members have reached out to us concerned about the contact tracing program being pushed by Governor Abbott.
We share your concerns.

Among our core values is a belief that your medical information is private & participation in programs that seek to track health data should be by explicit consent only. We have seen the game played by governments that begin a program under the guise of “recommending” to Texans what is best for their health, only to witness them quickly move to mandating behavior with the threat of government punishment.

The government should stop thinking its job is to keep everyone healthy, and instead focus on protecting our rights. We here at TFVC will remain vigilant as our government expands greatly and the threats to our members grow.

CONTACT GOVERNOR ABBOTT TODAY to let him know Texans do not wish to be monitored or surveilled for any reason. Use our sample letter below for inspiration (feel free to also copy it directly) and submit to the governor using the contact form HERE.

Sample Letter:

Governor Abbott,
With so many Texans suffering financially, why are you spending $300 million on a “temporary” program aimed at alleviating this single outbreak that, according to your own data, is disappearing without any sort of surveilling intervention?

I am concerned that you are allowing the small group of unelected persons with potential conflicts of interest on your Strike Force to enact policies – such as this contact tracing program – that have the potential to profoundly affect the lives and privacy of Texans with NO legislative or voter accountability for any of them.

I am also concerned this program would not end with the disappearance of this virus. Considering the hefty monetary investment and the infrastructure put in place to carry it out, what assurances do Texans have this contract will not evolve into another overreaching state program that will ultimately threaten our privacy and consume valuable state resources?

Additionally, it has been repeatedly stated that participation in this program is voluntary, however, if my name is provided as a “contact” of a recently infected person, where is my opportunity to decline to participate? What are the consequences of non-compliance?

Please reconsider this contract or clarify the many concerns Texans have about the potential harmful implications of mass surveillance in our great state.



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