Please email all of our Champion Legislators and request that they also seek clarification from Gov. Abbott regarding his stance. Just click here. Sign your email and send!

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COVID-19 Clarification Request

Honorable Legislators,

I am writing today to express my concerns about some troubling statements by Gov. Abbott regarding the policies the state may enact regarding COVID-19 testing/tracing and any potential COVID-19 vaccination.

In an April press conference, he stated:
“They will work together to develop a medical architecture to comprehensively test and trace COVID-19. That will enable Texas to gradually and safely begin the process of returning to work and returning to other activities while we wait for the immunization that will end the threat of COVID-19.”

As elected officials who have the ear of our governor, I would like to ask that you either publicly or privately communicate my concerns to the governor. Here is the link to the letter that the leaders and many members of Texans for Vaccine Choice have sent to him:

As someone who has even greater influence, would you please pass this letter on to him directly to inform him of Texans’ concerns about these issues?

I appreciate all that you do for our families. Thank you for protecting informed consent, medical privacy, and vaccine choice in the state of Texas.

With Gratitude,

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