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Action Alert


Update! One Small Victory: Texans for Vaccine Choice took action weeks ago in anticipation that rogue school districts and…

June 16, 2020
Action Alert

Contact Tracing Action Alert

Many of our members have reached out to us concerned about the contact tracing program being pushed by Governor Abbott….

June 1, 2020
Action Alert


Please email all of our Champion Legislators and request that they also seek clarification from Gov. Abbott regarding his stance….

May 6, 2020

Beto’s Stance on Vaccine Choice

From our September 24, 2018 Facebook post: #RELEASETHETAPES Our most anticipated video yet is here! TFVC Executive Director Jackie Schlegel…

Merck Monopoly & Price Gouging

From our September 20, 2018 Facebook Post: Myth: Pharmaceutical companies don’t make any money on vaccines. Fact: “Merck & Co….

Vaccines and Animal Cruelty

From our September 19, 2018 Facebook Post: We spend a lot of time discussing the human rights violations surrounding the…

Vaccine Profits

From our September 18, 2018 Facebook post: Them: There is no money to be made on vaccines. This is not…

Vaccine-Derived Polio Infection

From our September 17, 2018 Facebook Post: 1️⃣ WHY INFORMED CONSENT MATTERS: David’s father did not know that his son’s…

Flu Propaganda

From our August 29, 2018 Facebook post: Someone accidentally put out the propaganda — oops, we mean signage — a…

Gardasil & Infertility

From our August 27, 2018 Facebook post: File this under “Things that would have been nice to know before the…