Last week, the Texas Medical Association (TMA) sent an unsolicited brief to Attorney General Ken Paxton in response to the Opinion Request that Rep. White submitted on our behalf earlier this summer.

You can read the brief here. Texans are no stranger to TMA’s extremist positions, but we have questions:

1. Why is TMA going out of their way to submit a brief that was not even requested?
2. Why is Rep. White’s request for the AG to clarify this portion of current exemption law a concern for TMA?
3. Can TMA provide precedent of another time when this statute was applied in the way they are insisting is not only legal but medically sound?
4. Why is “co-infection with other infectious diseases” a serious concern when vaccination rates remain high, children are attending hyper-sanitized campuses, and students are wearing masks and social distancing?

The position they are taking is unprecedented and shows that TMA prioritizes their objectives over respect for the law and science-based policies. It is clear that special interest groups are pushing Ken Paxton to cave to their agendas after Rep. White courageously asked the AG to clarify the law on this issue.


Please urge the AG to quickly return an opinion on our request, as these special interest organizations have no place inserting their mandate agenda into the current law which supports parental choice. We will not allow this pandemic to be used to further erode Texans’ rights.

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I urge you to quickly respond to Opinion Request RQ-0364-KP regarding vaccine exemption policy. TAC 97.62 has historically been applied very precisely and carefully. I read the TMA brief, and it is clear they are looking out for their own special interests with no regard for the rule of law. Please hold the line and stand up for parental rights.

For more information on our request for an opinion from the Attorney General, click here.

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