ACIP’s Disgraceful Vote on New Hep B Vaccine

From our March 19, 2018 Facebook Post:

📺 The following clip is from a recent ACIP meeting where they voted to approve a new Hepatitis B vaccine. This vaccine contains a new adjuvant (substance intended to stimulate an immune response) – Cytosine phosphoguanine (CpG) 1018 – that is not used in any other vaccine licensed for use in the US.
Q: Is it safe to use vaccines containing other adjuvants along with the new vaccine?
A: We don’t know. We didn’t study it. But our “general approach to immunizations” is that it’s fine. #science
Q: Do we have any safety data from other countries that are already using vaccines containing this adjuvant?
A: Nah.
Great! Let’s vote! *Vaccine is approved unanimously* Hooray! Thanks, everyone!
ACIP member with sudden attack of conscience: Even though I just voted to give this vaccine to every US adult over the age of 18, I am concerned about the risk of heart attack associated with the use of this vaccine.
ACIP member with sudden attack of conscience #2: So…how soon will we know if the people we just voted to give this vaccine to are dropping dead of heart attacks?
FDA: Two years. We also think there may be a risk of autoimmune diseases and shingles, and we’re also going to give it to pregnant women in the general population to see how that goes.
In conclusion:
☠️ Inadequate safety data.
☠️ Heavy reliance on post-marketing surveillance – we all know how that song and dance goes (“You can’t prove the vaccine caused that. Anyone can report anything the VAERS.”).
🤷‍♂️ I wonder if the “general population” receiving this new vaccine will be made aware of the reservations held by the very people that approved its use? Will your doctor tell you, “Oh, by the way, there is concerning evidence about heart attacks and autoimmune diseases, but we don’t really know a whole lot about it, so let me know if either of those things happen to you, mm kay?”

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