A Personal Request for Your Help From Dr. Peter Osborne

My son Kane is fighting a serious battle and needs your help. He is taking legal action against Wharton County Junior College and the state of Texas.


Because they have denied him access to enroll in college.

You see, the Texas governor has declared a state of emergency due to C0VID-19. Because of this emergency declaration, some colleges, with guidance from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, are denying religious (also called “conscientious”) vaccine exemptions. They want to mandate that all students get a meningitis vaccine as a requirement to enroll in school because of the declared C0VID-19 emergency. Last time I checked, meningitis and C0VID-19 have nothing to do with each other.

This is an obvious government overreach and an infringement on all of our religious rights.

If they can deny access to school, what’s next? Will they start denying access to work, travel, and other areas of our daily lives in the name of vaccines for safety?

There is a legitimate fear and real possibility that our politicians will work together with big pharma to enforce mandatory C0VID-19 vaccinations. We already know that they are working at “warp speed” to get a vaccine rushed through. We know that it typically takes years to develop and properly test a vaccine for safety and effectiveness. So by default, we know that the result of this rush job is going to be a vaccine with limited testing and the potential to be a dangerous threat to our health.

California and New York have already taken away religious vaccine exemptions, and they are persecuting doctors who write medical vaccine exemptions for their patients. So don’t keep your head in the sand on this. It’s critical that we start taking action now.

That’s why my son Kane has so bravely stepped up to take action, and we need your help.

This litigation has the potential to put in place protections for you and your families. This case will challenge government overreach into our private lives, into our ability to make decisions about our health, into our ability to live as free citizens.

What Can You Do?

In an effort to make sure that you always have the freedom to choose what goes into your body, please donate to our legal fund today. This battle is just starting. It will be expensive, it will be stressful, but it will be worth it!

If we win now, it will help lay down the framework and set legal precedent to protect us all from the pharmaceutical-government complex and the impending C0VID-19 vaccine mandates.


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