Year: 2017

85th Session Victory Party

Challenging What You’ve Heard about the Herd

“Herd Immunity” is a concept purported by those vested in the vaccine program to try and increase vaccine uptake nationwide….

85th Legislative Session Freedom Fight

ImmTrac: Privacy Vs. Policy

At Texans for Vaccine Choice, we take our job of protecting the liberties of all Texans very seriously. It is…

2017 Legislative Session – What TFVC Is Proactively Proposing: An Interview with Director of State Policy Rebecca Hardy

As some may remember, Texans for Vaccine Choice started in February, 2015 as a small group of moms chatting on…

Top Ten Reasons to Support Vaccine Choice

Whether you are following the CDC’s recommended childhood vaccination schedule by getting all of your boosters, following a delayed vaccination…

Dirty Little $ecrets: Following the Pharma Money Trail

When it comes to your family’s health choices — more specifically, choices affecting the health of your children — what…

Common ground has been found between unacceptable profane tweets

Austin, Texas – Tuesday night, Representative Sarah Davis engaged with several individuals about her legislation filed regarding vaccinations. Many of…

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Sticks and Stones: The Truth behind Pharma’s “Anti-Vax” Name Calling Tactics

Today the terms ‘Anti-Vaccine,’ ‘Anti-Vax’ and ‘Anti-Vaxxer’ are all commonly used labels in the media when discussing anything related to…

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